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Did Last weeks Election Advance America Charging Towards Corpocracy?


Today I revisit my thoughts about the fascism of Corpocracy, and the direction America finds itself.

This post is based on a comment made by a DTD reader and a previous post on the subject. Our commenter passionately feels that is where America is heading and that it will be to late when people realize the fact.

When the Supreme Court ruled this year on campaign financing, one could argue that, in their precedent setting decision, the Court opened the door to a new political party and to a new form of American Government?

As seen since that ruling, much money has flowed freely into the far-right’s so-called third-party, the “Tea Party”,  from big corporate donations and most hidden from public scrutiny.

In stating that basically corporations are people too, the Court has set America on the path to Corpocracy and could Tuesday election be the signal that is the direction America is headed?

Corpocracy, or Corporatocracy, is a form of government where corporations, conglomerate or government entities with private components, control the direction and governance of a country.

As much as the “right” rants against the Obama Administration taking us down the path of socialism, Corpocracy is considered to be a form of fascism.

Corpocracy has two factors: campaign finance and special interests, also can include government ownership.

Corporations provide financial support to competing political parties and major political party candidates. This would allow corporations to hedge their bets on the outcome of any choice so they are assured to have a winner who is indebted to them. As politicians are increasingly dependent on campaign contributions to become elected, their impartiality on issues which have corporate interest is compromised.

I believe this is far from what our “Founding Fathers” envisioned when they wrote the Constitution.

Under a Corpocracy, former corporate executives could be appointed as powerful decision makers within government institutions. They would be in charge with the regulation of their former or future employers which would lead to regulatory capture. Rules for lobbying would be a thing of the past. One can get a sence from John Kasich‘s recent staff appointments, as Governor elect, that this might be happening in Ohio.

Those who dismiss the Corpocray theory, will say the only way it is possible is if it were legal to buy the votes of our politicians and that is illegal. However, under the terms of at-will employment, corporations can require their employees to vote certain way in exchange for (continued) employment.

It does not take an overt effort to buy a politician’s vote. Making a substantial donation to a certain politician’s campaign is a signal that the money is there if they vote in a way the corporation desires. Conversely, the money could be donated to an opponent if the vote does not go the way of the corporation.

President Dwight Eisenhower even saw fit to argue against the strengthening corporacy and the evils of such a government. I join him in that argument but fear the path has been set, both by the Court and now by the electorate.

As expressed by a Dare To Dream reader:

I think our Democracy is done…Although we have been trying we have lost our message they want a Corporate Theocracy most people won’t know that until it is too late…

Is it to late? I fear it might be.


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  1. 11/07/2010 9:57 am

    We had a corporatist government with Bush. Corporate CEOs were writing laws. With the Roberts court, we have a SCOTUS that rules in favor of corporations almost every time. We have Blackwater — a corporate military force — fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. They also did “law enforcement” in New Orleans after Katrina. We have Fox “news” generating propaganda that the gullible public believes.

    Fascism is right around the corner.

  2. 11/07/2010 1:04 pm

    Tristan ~ The corporations own our “representatives” and the majority of the Supreme Court and we are next. Reminds me of “Rollerball” from 1975:

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