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Did You Hear A Slamming Door Election Night?


There was definitely an audible sound of a door slamming shut election night.

Election night I sat watching what might become the precursor of the eventful future.

By using the  Republican‘s own joyful description of the election results being “a Sunomi,” “a landslide,” “an earthquake,” plus “a hurricane or tidal wave,” and knowing that these are phenom that have, and do, kill many tens of thousands of people that stand in the way, the Republican’s may have given us a glimpse into their dream.

Those that heard the sound of the door slamming shut on Tuesday night, realize that it was the door slamming on “civil liberties“, the door slamming on the “middle class and the disenfranchised.”

That door slamming shut brings America obviously terribly closer to cultural warfare.

If the words of the newly elected Governor of Ohio are any sign of what’s to come when he stated, “Get on the bus or be run over…”, we are in serious trouble.

I have been, for the last year and a half, posting my fear of the far right. It would seem my fear was founded in reality for the “voice of the most is not always the voice of God.”

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  1. Gloria Smith permalink
    11/06/2010 2:40 pm

    Unfortunately you are correct I think our Democracy is done, when people dont’ care and think all politicians are the same and corrupt it is over. Although we have been trying we have lost our message they want a Corporate Theocracy most people won’t know that until it is too late. Do we stay & fight or just leave I might be too old for this fight.

  2. Jeff King permalink
    11/06/2010 6:09 pm

    You say that it’s the middle class that the door was being slammed on and yet it was the middle class that took to the streets and parks rallying behind freedom of thought and tyranny. I understand the world that you’d like where everyone is taken care of cradle to grave. There are many societies like that but America has never been one of them. America has been molded by people with courage and ideas. They took life on without asking for permission from government officials. You would be better off in Norway or maybe France. I know you would have adored Greece but do you see what’s happening there? I think government should be there for its people but when the govt doesn’t listen then political earthquakes happen. I do believe that people like the idea of healthcare but not when it’s hidden and apportioned like bread crumbs and where cronies get bigger pieces of the crumbs. Pelosi was another Marie Antoinette. To those who had lost their homes and had no jobs it was “Let them MAKE cakes” The people of this country don’t like being lied to about transparency or jobs that will never come. This was a vote against arrogance. This was a vote for freedom to be what they wanted to be and against socialistic tendencies that the Obama legacy would bring.

  3. 11/06/2010 9:13 pm

    You assume to “understand the world that…” I would like but you are off the mark. Yes, I am a “social justice Christian” and believe that it’s the Churches responsibility to take care of the poor, weak and down cast but when the Church fails then another way must be found. You assume that I think people should be taken care of till death but you are wrong. It amazes me how you feel to presume what I would think, feel or adored. Basic attack mode is what we see from the far right. I served this country proudly (four years) and I am an honorably discharged Viet Nam era Vet who served to protect this great nation, its people rights (mine included) and its constitution. It amazes me that people think you have to be on the far right to be patriotic when the majority have/did not serve or had deferments. By the way, have you noticed that I have not assumed what you believe or to attack you personally for your stand in this reply. Yes, I see civil liberties, yours and mine, being denied in this election. Yes I see cultural wars coming. The GOP leadership and members tend not to be “Joe average” but Country Club establishment. The elitism is not on the educated wing of the left but deep rooted in the right of the GOP. As Sinclair Lewis wrote in the 1930’s, “When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” I believe we have seen the dawn of that day. Oh by the way, you can assume that I also believe in my “second amendment” rights.

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