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Locker Room Banter vs Political Correctness


cloud_lIt’s been all over the news the last couple of days, replay after replay of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s demeaning, lewd and vulgar comments about and towards women.

Even boasting about his sexual prowess.

Go channel surfing and there it is, video plus audio, analyst after analyst weighing in on the “October Surprise.”

Trump defiantly has answered his critics that this 10-year-old video was nothing more than “locker room banter.”

The GOP nominee has often commented, over the 2016 campaign for the President, that the nation is to Politically Correct.

He has stated that “I don’t, frankly, have time for total Political Correctness” and he thinks the “nation doesn’t either.”

He has now shown what he feels is acceptable in everyday language, “gutter talk.”

Growing up I never heard my parents swear or be vulgar.

They taught me that the English language had enough words to express ones feeling and emotions without vulgarity.

My Dad, who I would describe as a simple North Dakota farm boy, often told me that an “educated man or women” didn’t need to sink to perverseness in their language to express a thought or action.

Political Correctness, for me, is just another way of being respectful, being courteous and acting dignified in dealing with other people, all of which Mr. Trump has “no time.”

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