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It Was More Than A Heart In The Name: Queen Of Hearts, Warren Ohio



October has always been an exciting month in the Fott-Hand household.

First it is our anniversary month and secondly we opened the Queen of Hearts Tavern on October 23rd, 1997. It would have been 12 years ago this weekend.

The little bar on Pine Avenue, Warren Ohio, was not the most palatial of “pubs” but it was homey and intimate.

We were very fortunate to surround ourselves with many a talented person who gave much in the building and construction, plus others with the growth and success of that “little” business. DJ Ron with the music and advertising, Tom Brooks as singer/host, lead bartender John and of course Bobbie with the back bar expertise to name a few. So many other talented people, to numerous to mention here, gave so much of their time and energy, in the successful 9 years the “Queen” was on Pine.

At first, The “Queen”, was to have an Alice and Wonderland decor but as with most “spiritual” adventures, the “Q” developed it’s own personality and life. It seemed right from the removal of the buzzer off the door, The “Queen” was different.

In the beginning we used to state in our ads that “Everyone was a Royal Guest” but that quickly gave way to “More than a Heart in the Name”, as over the years the “Q” became actively involved with many local charities and food banks.

Other slogans followed, “Where Everyone has a Title: Friend”, “Put Your Q On”, “An Alternative from the Ordinary,” but it always came back to “More than a Heart in the Name.”

Over the 9 years that “little” bar operated, it’s patrons, friends and supporters gave nearly 40thousand dollars to local charities along with almost 3thousand pounds of food to local food banks. It raised more money for the Trumbull County Senior Mobile Meals program than any other business in Trumbull County and that was done two years in a row.

From Fairhaven School to the Trumbull County Area Aids Task Force, from the Red Cross to the YWCA, not a local charity was excluded from the “Q’s” community involvement.

The Queen of Hearts believed, as did the ghost of Jacob Marley in the Christmas Carol, “Humankind should have been my business…”

One of the best ad campaigns developed by DJ Ron was for Halloween but at the “Q” it quickly became “HalloQueen.” This was one of the busiest weekends of the year for the bar and always proved to be a “Bootiful” event, tho I can’t say that for many of the costumes.

So this weekend we pause and remember the “Queen.” Not just a “gay bar” but a business that strove to be more than a group of people, bigger than its small size, “Inclusive not Exclusive” and all who work there, drank there, played there and in general made so many memories for Bob and myself.





You can view photo’s of the 13,000 square foot Club Queen at the following link

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  1. 10/24/2009 2:55 pm

    I regret I never went into the Queen. At the time, I didn’t have any friends who were gay, or cool, or hip, or adult enough to want to head into a ‘gay’ bar. I now prefer drinking in and hanging out in gay bars because I’ve found folks there know how to behave. Its a looser atmosphere without all of the loudness and ignorance that I find in most straight bars and sports/wing joints that litter the area. If a guy is eyeballing me in a gay bar, maybe he likes the looks of me. If a guy is eyeballing me in a straight bar, he probably doesn’t like the looks of me for some reason or for some imagined slight.

    Oh well. Nice pictures. And I’m sorry I never patronized your business.

  2. 10/24/2009 3:28 pm

    The original Queen and the gigantic Club Queen were both very comfortable, never a lot of pretense or posers. You could come and be yourself, enjoy great music, and hang out with your friends. Even though there was always a lot of last minute planning over the years, it was always fun. I enjoyed working with Tristan and Bobbie quite a bit! DJing at the Club was always interesting, the great shows, and all the fun nights. I miss those Friday and Saturday nights, they were the best… 🙂 DJRON

  3. Harry permalink
    10/24/2009 8:11 pm

    Greg and I both miss the old Queen, lots of fond memories there and good times, not to mention that we met there 7 years ago and still going strong.

  4. 10/30/2009 8:21 pm

    I’m almost 90, very much a heterosexual female, was married and the mother of six children, but that didn’t keep me from having good friends for over twenty-five years who were homosexuals. I was comfortable in their presence and they in mine. I then moved to Florida. Today, while our friendship is strictly platonic, one of my best friends is a Lesbian, who, less then two years ago, lost her lover or some forty three years. I belong to a creative writer’s group. We have a policy: we do not comment on the subject matter of any paper, but, after sitting, reading and listening to a mocking, scathing and hateful attack by a former policeman on cross-dressers, I left thinking it was time to quit the group. Tristan, is it asking too much to know your thoughts on the subject? One of my all-time favorite movies is the original La Cage ???????—can’t remember the spelling—and the versions made of The Bird Cage. Mary from Meander With Me. Haven’t blogged in a spell.

  5. Maria permalink
    04/09/2018 10:59 pm

    I visited the “Queen of Hearts” with the Erie Sisters and a bunch of Pittsburgh Tranz. I loved your bar, and every now in then wish I could spend a fun night Queen. As Josh (above) pointed out gay bars like the Queen were always fun because people put down those walls, and enjoyed each other’s company. I now live in the Jersey/PA border and miss the “friends” vibe of the Queen. Thanks for the good memories.

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