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Protect The Republic


14322417_10208143730324257_1652658488763930166_nSince the election last November, I have been neglectful to Dare to Dream.

Like many Progressives, Liberals and Activists, I was in a state of disarray after the November election. You might add, fearful of the days, months and four years that stretched ahead for the Nation and the World, so I backed off the “blog.”

Over the last several months I have watched, contemplated and hid my emotions about the events, plus policies, that this President and his Administration have proposed, implemented and steered our Country towards.

The time has come to be silent no more, for “Silence means consent” and I do not consent.

It is time to Protect the Republic.

In firing of the FBI Director, James Comey, the President has brought this Nation to the brink of a Constitutional crisis.

Add his attacks on the Judiciary and Press, we see a pattern that should sound alarms across the Country and the world of Free Nations.

After much thought I have come to the conclusion that it’s time for a Special Prosecutor to Investigate the Russian tampering, collusion and the undermining of the Constitution, Democracy and the Republic.

Yesterday when the President had a meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister and only the Russian State owned press was allowed in on the photo-op, it is time to speak out and be counted, for this attack on the 1st Amendment is an attack on the Republic.

When the Judiciary system and Judges are maligned and attacked, the Republic and Constitution is under attack

When the rule of Law and Ethics is disregarded, ignored and flaunted, The Republic and Constitution is under attack.

This is not a Political Party issue, this is an American survival issue.

My Father, 8th Army Air Corp, and my Mother, WRAF, who served as a Control Tower Operator, fought in WWII for Free World values and to protect Democracy, not Russia.

I’m a Viet Nam Era Vet who served to protect America, not Russia.

A distant relative, Irish immigrant, Adjutant General Edward Hand, served in the Continental Army fighting  to Free the Colonies from the rule of monarchs and oligarchs who would meddle in our destiny and it wasn’t so we could become a satellite state of Russia.

Another distant relative, Judge Learned “Billings” Hand, often called the “10th Supreme Court Justice, served to protect the rule of law and believed in the “Spirit of Liberty” and not the oppression of that law in favor of the rich and the few.

In October of last year, I wrote a blog post that the Election of Trump would re-define America, change the very course of direction and nothing would be the same. It appears that lament and prediction has come to reality.14468750_10208271937649360_1856133955139387798_o

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