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Confederate Battle Flag Not My Idea Of Pride



The Confederate Battle Flag, or Flag of Northern Virginia, has drawn a lot of attention lately.

It even greeted the first black President on Wednesday with defiant people waving it on his Oklahoma trip to visit a prison.

People who have stated it’s a sign of pride, heritage and history are angry at the flag’s removal from the South Carolina Statehouse and other attempts across the South to remove its presence.

Many have stated that it honors those fallen family members who served the Confederacy.

It would appear that they overlook the inter-twining of slavery and treason in the history of that flag and the history of that rebellion.

I admit to having a different view and different perspective than they do — a view and perspective cultivated out of an immigrant Irish family that served its adopted Country in time of revolution and rebellion in the person of Edward Hand.

General Hand was Adjutant General at Yorktown, once Commander of Fort Pitt, Member of the Continental Congress, Doctor and Patriot.

He fought against tyranny and for freedom.

He fought against oppression and for liberty.

He fought to make a new Nation.

That’s pride, that’s heritage.

I have a different view and perspective on the Confederate battle flag that is cultivate by my Great-Great-Great Uncle who was an immigrant and settled in Pennsylvania with his English parents, married at 19 and fathered 4 children by the age of 26.

In the Civil War, he fought against tyranny and for freedom.

He fought against oppression and for liberty.

And he died at the age of 28 to preserve a nation.

David Greggs simple headstone marker states his name and the number 5735.

The life of Pvt David Greggs, Pennsylvania 142 A Infantry, Union Army, ended on 15 August 1864 in the notorious Andersonville Prison Camp, Sumter, Georgia as that Confederate Flag flew over his head.

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  1. elecpencil permalink
    07/18/2015 5:26 pm

    Right on Tristan! My Irish great grandparents came here to escape English tyranny. I like to point out to Confederate flag wavers that they lost the war. To keep waving it 150 years later means you enjoy being a loser. We all know it’s really a racist act.

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