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Senior Gone To The Birds



Bird CollageAlmost 30 years ago, we moved “out” to what was then considered the “country” part of the county.

Now it’s considered a “bedroom community” and an area stuck between two large Northeast Ohio cities.

One of the first things I did, upon moving in, was put up a bird feeding station in the back garden on the Eastern side of the house.

This single feeder was very visible from our sun-room where we could enjoy it while sitting at the desk working on budgets, household tasks, writing or just relaxing.

That single feeder brought me so much joy.

My Mother had encouraged my avid interest in photography and also knew of this growing love of birds.

She was responsible for giving me my first book on birds, which ironically arrived several day after her passing.

It was the start of my love affair with the birds, photography and our local wildlife.

Be it Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, that little make shift feeding station was my pride and joy.

Now fast forward to today. 1st Feeding Station #3

We now have 12 feeders with four feeding stations, North, East, South and West. Bird baths, several suet feeders and a Hummingbird feeder complete the extent of our endeavors.

Over the years we added brush piles, to go along with our wooded area, a small wading pond and last year we had the property declared a Wildlife Habitat.

At last count, we’ve listed 37 types of birds that have visited our feeders and or property. That includes those that stop, twice a year, during their migrating.

Along with the aviary, we have our resident Eastern Cottontail rabbits, one who has even become so use to us she will hop right up to us, chipmunks, raccoons and four types of squirrels, Silvers, Blacks, Reds and Pine.

Next year we are adding a Butterfly garden to complete the habitat.

I have been fortunate that my love of photography is now intertwined with my love of birds, or maybe I should say, all things nature.

The last several years has seen the addition of new cameras, lens plus photo apps, my own web site, all to enhance what started out as simple enjoyment of a single feeder from the sun-room window.

Now with retirement, a little hobby has turned into a full-time adventure.Montage_Collage_Fotor

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  1. Jan permalink
    08/30/2016 9:12 am

    I love having bird feeders in our yard wherever we’ve lived. And I got my love of watching the birds at the feeders from my parents. They had feeders and birds in their yard as long as I can remember. We moved to Iowa about three months ago, but we already have four bird feeders up and I’m loving watching the birds and wildlife (squirrels, rabbits, deer, possum). I’m looking forward to seeing the different birds and wildlife through the seasons.

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