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A Cup of Tea, A Quiet House and A Morning Thought


This growing older thing is a wonder to me. Not the fact of physically growing older with it’s many aches but the mental state that plays on my daily thoughts.

Recently I’ve question who actually reads my musings, ramblings plus the many pics that I post. Better yet, who is actually moved to pause and think on the subject, who finds a certain photo, poem, tidbit uplifting or pretty and finally who have I touched and made their day better or richer for the effort?

We read and hear so much about “Presidential Legacy” but I wonder about my legacy. The “normal” man legacy. What will be the stories and memories told about me after I have “shuffled off this mortal coil”?

All my life I have heard, first from my parents, then from friends and associates, “You are such a dreamer.” Which always struck me as a negative, but now as I approach the last few bends in this road I travel, I proudly say, I dream still.

Maybe not of a future but of the road already traveled and experienced. The road that has left it’s milestones on my heart, mind and being.

Dreams of friends and family gone but not forgotten. Dreams and memories, the legacy left to me from those I knew, those I loved and those who shared a moment in time with this humble traveler.

I think it is good and wise that each of us should pause and question our “legacy.” Question the road traveled and question the direction and accomplishments as we head into the final valley of our journey.

I think I am at peace with my journey. Some regrets, some “do overs” wanted, some dreams just dreams, but in general I can say I tried.

Now it’s up to time to see how the last few miles unfold, for as I once wrote: “Enough of my dreams have come true to keep me dreaming.”

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