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Even The Veteran Groups Are In Trouble With The Economy


flag-c1This morning, as Bob and I usually do on a Saturday morn, went to a local all you can eat pancake breakfast.

One week it was a Greyhound Rescue Group, another week it was a Greyhound Adoption Group and today was the Hudson Ohio American Legion.

With the economy being bad, and us cutting back on the donations we make, this is a good way to keep supporting and also have a good meal.

As we were enjoying the breakfast, one of the “guys”, who was a member, came by to take the empty plates from our table.

He introduced himself and after the formalities ended I asked him a question.

How many members do you have and hows things going?

As I looked around it would seem that most everyone was my age so I assumed Viet Nam Vets and a few who could have been Korea and one who was definitely WWII.

As to members he stated that they had about 500 (including family) but only a “handful that were active”. Then he hit me with, “Ya, were losing our building. It’s in foreclosure.”

I was stunned.

This is really the sign of the times.

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