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Evangelicals Believe In Forgiveness, Just Not For Dems


It always interests me to hear an Evangelical Republican say they believe in “forgiveness” and go ahead to disprove that statement.

Yesterday on Morning Joe, Representative Sean Duffy, Republican, Wisconsin, was asked to defend Donald Trump’s statements, actions and attitude.

Joe asked him how “Evangelical Christians” can support the candidate.

Representative Duffy was quick to answer, “You know, Evangelicals are a forgiving lot.”

I sat there shaking my head and mumbling, “They’ve had a lot of practice.”

From David Vitter, Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich and Mark Sanford, to name just a few, and now Donald Trump, the “forgiveness” list is extensive.

Usually after evoking the “forgiveness” clause, the attack begins on Bill Clinton and his infidelities.

No forgiveness there.

Evangelicals forgave President Bush for the war in Iraq and over 22 million missing White House emails but attack Secretary Clinton on 30 thousand so-called missing State Department emails.

No forgiveness there.

Donald Trump can malign Veterans, Women, Latinos and Muslims but there’s always forgiveness.

Let Secretary Clinton call some of Trump supporters “deplorable” and no forgiveness.

Evangelicals can forgive Bush and Chaney for lying to the American people and getting us into a war that cost many lives, but Hillary Clinton faced an eleven hour grilling over four deaths in Benghazi.

No forgiveness there.

Bush, Chaney and gang commit what is tantamount to war crimes and Evangelicals forgive but because President Obama won’t use the term “Islamic Terrorist” he is unpatriotic.

Yes, Evangelicals believe in forgiveness, just not for Democrats.

*NOTE: This posting was written and posted before the news, and video was released on Thursday, of Donald Trump’s degrading sexist remarks. That video and remarks will be the ultimate test for the Evangelical community and how they proceed with their support of Mr. Trump and their attitude of “forgiveness.”

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