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I Won’t Be Watching The Debates


The news media is predicting a very large segment of America will be watching the Presidential debate on Monday between Trump and Clinton,

Well, this is one who won’t be watching.

Let’s face it, the modern debate isn’t a debate of logic.

For example, the Republican primary debate was more of a shouting match, a talk over your opponent and insult barrage than facts, figures and positions debate.

The Democrat primary debate may have been more fact and policy orientated but still lack that “old fashion” debate process and style.

All the hype leading to the debate seems to be an exercise in media marketing, journalistic one liners and sound bites.

Gone are the fact driven and fact oriented moderator and journalist.

Gone are the Murrows, Smiths, Kaltenborns, Cronkites and the many others who sought truth and fact.

I would hazard a guess that the majority of those tuning in Monday night will be watching like a NASCAR fan does a race, waiting with bated breath for that spectacular car crash.

Trump supporters will be relishing every put down, misstatement of facts and lies that their candidate puts forth as tho they were “Holy” written.

Clinton supporters will be touting her ability, her temperament and demeanor.

The moderator Lester Holt will simply channel worn-out and often over asked benign questions that we have all heard before.

In this Presidential election, it’s hard to think that anyone viewing the debate will have their minds changed  from what they believed before the debate.

To me, I can’t fathom that there is a large segment of undecided voters still out there to be swayed after almost a year of this unbelievable election cycle.

So Monday night I will take a long walk, enjoy the company of my family and friends while having a stress free evening avoiding TV.

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