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A Trip To The Zoo Adds To My Fear For The Future Of The Nation


dsc_0043God knows I have many, many “pet peeves” and the older I get, the more I add.

My first major “pet peeves” are people who park in marked fire lanes when running into the grocery store or waiting for someone to come out of the store.

The second “peeve” is concerned with those who roll through stop signs as they drive on to another street or going through an intersection at a four-way stop.

I imagine in my mind these are the same people who tell their children to obey the law and support “law and order” but obviously not by example.

Yes I understand these are not major “crimes” but they are symbols of obedience to the principle of “law and order.”

After taking advantage of free tickets to our local Akron Zoo this weekend, I now have another “peeve” to add to my list.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in mid September.

Crisp and bright but not hot.

There were many families taking advantage of the Sunday afternoon to tour the zoo and I thought that was great to see but that feeling was soon dispelled as we toured the exhibits.

My father would have been very dismayed indeed with what I saw was basic lack of parental controls on the multitude of children running about.

It wasn’t bad enough that as you walked about you had to watch that you weren’t bowled over by a speeding child running back and forth around your legs, you also had the deafening screaming and yelling at the animals at each exhibit.

Then add parents with strollers who seemed oblivious to people around them, or even standing at exhibits as they shoved their way to the front to view, and you have the ingredients for what would seem to be chaos.

I was also shocked at the lack of respect for the animals as little ones pounded on the glass at displays yelling as parents stood by silently.

After and hour or two the crowd thinned out and the zoo experience became less noisy and hazardous, but I still wonder if the lack of respect shown towards each other can’t be summed up in the simple fact of lack of respect for the animals, the simple gesture of pounding on the glass going uncorrected.

Are our future adults being shown by example?

Respect the animals.

Respect the humans.

Respect, dignity and courteous.

Isn’t that really the definition of “political correctness.”

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