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Trump, Sarcasm And The Truth


shape-writing_fabien_udr_01Some say that sarcasm is the “lowest form of humor,” while others think it’s the “highest form of wit.”

I use to fall in the latter but Donald Trump has made me reconsider my thinking on that statement.

Over the last several months, Trump has made several outlandish comments, attacks and vile statements, only after much media coverage, plus hoopla, restate his opinion with “…it was sarcasm.”

Stating that President Obama and Hillary Clinton “…were the founders of Isis” and Isis “MVP,” he came under a barrage of criticism, then and only then did he state that it was “…sarcasm.”

On another occasion, Trump invited Russia to “hack” Clinton’s computer system to find 30,000 deleted emails. Stating that the American Press would be interested and grateful.

That comment of hacking turned into what many thought was an invite for a foreign power to be actively involved with our “Political System” and most importantly, undermine our “National Security.”

After days of Trump surrogates  trying to clean up the mess, which is a daily occurrence when Trump speaks, Trump heads for what he thinks is the higher ground and states, “…it was sarcasm.”

Now the crying baby incident.

In itself, this should have been just an off the cuff remark, but when added to all the other outlandish pronouncements and statements, is very telling into Trump’s nature and temperament.

Again after several days of media and “talking heads” claiming he was anti baby, Trump comes out with  “I was joking.”

My opinion is that Trump lacks humor or wit.

I remember pictures of his stoic stare and demeanor at the Annual Press Corps Dinner, “Nerd Ball”, when President Obama poked his thin skin with real wit, barb after barb.

Geoffrey Chaucer wrote in 1390, The Cook’s Tale which is part of the Canterbury Tales:

But yet I pray thee be not wroth for game; [don’t be angry with my jesting]
A man may say full sooth [the truth] in game and play.

It simply means, “Never a truer word is spoken but in jest.”

Trump means what he says in his original statements and his “I was being sarcastic” is but “…game and play.”

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