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The Dems Have Become The GOP Party Of My Youth


13732039_10207788842452282_2938456776928175591_oI have often stated on Dare To Dream that I grew up in a pretty moderate Republican household.

Dad was a cross between an Eisenhower, “follow the general anywhere” Republican, and a Harry Truman mid-west “show me” farm boy Democrat.

Mother was what you call a “Blue haired” Republican, mixed later in life with a Margret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan flair.

I started out my political life as an 18-year-old Barry Goldwater Republican and then in 1967, as I matured, I migrated to, what I’m sure my parents thought was the “dark side”, a Robert Kennedy Democrat.

In 1972 I formally became a Democrat and voted for George McGovern. My changing parties caused a bit of a stir among my parents and their friends, plus the small mid-west Ohio town where I was living, for everyone knew everything about everybody.

Over the years I have found myself voting for an occasional Republican along my political journey, like supporting John Anderson and Bob Dole for President and George Voinovich for Ohio Governor, then for Senator.

In 2004 I found myself actively engaged in local politics and was even bold enough to put my name in the hat as an elected Alternate Delegate to the Democrat Convention in support of John Kerry.

To my surprise, and delight, I was given the opportunity and honor, with the help of many old-time local Democrats, to win and attend the DNC in Boston.

After the 2008 Republican Convention, I wrote a Dare To Dream post that the GOP Party was “no longer the political party of my youth or the GOP Party of my Father and Mother.”

Now, after spending two very late night weeks watching both 2016 conventions, I feel as tho both the Republican Party and the Democrat Party have switched places. Sort of a political “Freaky Friday.”

The Republican convention can only be described by me as a hall filled with Oliver Cromwell Puritan types, dressed in black and stoned face, yelling a sort of burn the witch hate speech with “lock her up.”

Gone was any resemblance to the Republican Party I knew as a youth. No more the “blue haired” country club party of dignity or the party which waved the flag proudly and saluted the future as one with “American Exceptionalism.”

Then all of a sudden, that “American Exceptionalism” was alive a week later in Philadelphia, disguised and calling itself a Democrat.

The Republican nominee, after the second night of the Philadelphia gathering, even tweeted:

Not one American flag on the massive stage at the Democratic National Convention until people started complaining-then a small one. Pathetic

Trump must have been surprised, tho no tweets to take claim he forced them to do it, when on Thursday night, a sea of flags, small and large appeared waving among and over the delegates.

Speaker after speaker bringing the point home that “America was already great” but we could be greater yet.

Military men and women, of all ranks, proudly standing on the stage with the chant of U S A echoing through the rafters, declaring that “American Exceptionalism” was alive and well.

Alive and well, and it was at home in the Democrat Party of 2016.

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