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Is The Voice Of The Majority The Voice Of God?


us_capitol_building_cli_01Here’s a question that really needs to be discussed, Is the voice of the majority the voice of God and is it always right?

Now I don’t propose that I have the answers but I do have my opinions, especially during this crazy election cycle and in what has become a nation in turmoil.

Last night, I was transported back to my teenage years, thanks to the minority members in the House of Representative with their 1960’s style “sit in,” of the well, on the House floor over the issue of common sense gun control and the “No Fly, No Buy” issue.

Not being a big fan, or follower of Donald J Trump, I must say that yesterday the GOP candidate for President made a great statement in his major speech attacking Secretary Hillary Clinton, “This election is about who runs the Country, the people or the politicians.”

With that being said, I must also state that I firmly believe that the Constitution was written to protect the minority from the majority, which will be a post for a later time.

Early this week, the US Senate defeated four bills, all concerning gun control and the “No Fly, No Buy” issue and all four failed along party lines and by using the 60 vote rule instead of the traditional governing of a democratic majority, 50 plus one.

Columbine, Sandy Hook, Charleston and Orlando mass murders have pushed the law abiding citizens, gun owners and not, to the brink of frustration on action.

In a CNN/ORC poll conducted from June 16th thru the 19th of 2016, some startling figures on how the overall public views and feels about common sense controls.

Here’s a look at a few of the poll results: 92% favor simple background checks; 54% favor a ban on assault weapons; 54% a ban on extended clips; 87% favor a ban on convicted felons and those with mental health issues and as for the “No Fly, No Buy” issue, 85% believe in a ban. Lastly, only 9% want to prevent gun ownership.

So, with this majority of peoples views being polled, the minority of Representatives in the House, unable to control the rules of that body, took action in the name of the people, as the majority party seems deaf to the will of the people, and a vote, or even discussion, on any issue concerning gun control was not to be forth coming.

One final note. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan last night showed, in dramatic fashion, who is running this country, the GOP political majority of the House and not the will of the majority of people.

Thank God for the House Minority.

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