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Death Of Supreme Court Justice Will Change Political Landscape


Patriotic #1Having  been very neglectful in posting on Dare To Dream since last August, Saturday’s event, the death of Justice Scalia, has woken me, as well as many others, with a mighty shake and a loud “Oh My God.”

The course of the future of American law, social direction and political tenor, will be set for decades with the next nomination to the Supreme Court, no matter if appointed by President Obama or his successor.

Over the next days, weeks and months, Dare To Dream will explore the many possibilities of how America may be shaped and molded, and yes even changed, by this major event.

To say that generations of Americans will be affected is an understatement.

To me, the core of this debate will hinge around “civil liberties” such as voter rights; women’s rights; lgbt and black rights; money in politics and if the nation is finally pushed into a Theocracy by the conservatives.

So the debate begins and the stakes are monumental.

More to follow.

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