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Liberal Mike Barnicle States Record Stock Market Because Of GOP Win


One of the few “Conservative” TV Shows I’ll watch all the way through, on MSNBC, is Morning Joe.

I find myself agreeing about 75% of the time with Joe Scarborough and siding with Mika, Barnicle and Roberts more times than not.

As I was watching the other morning, going in and out of boredom on the topic of GOP “landslide” that happened on Tuesday, November 4th, I heard Mike Barnicle make a comment that just didn’t ring true and one being perpetuated on Fox News.

He stated that the stock market reacted in a “record-setting fashion on Wednesday and Thursday” because of the “Republican victories.”

Whoa now!

Let us take a layman’s look at the Market and Obama’s Presidency.

1) When President Obama took office the Market was at 7,949.

2) Four years later after his first term, and obstructionist Congress, the Market closed at 12,730, which is a 60% increase.

3) Friday, October 30th, 2014, the Market closed at a record level and a +195 point increase and ending the week before the so called Republican “whooping” of the President.

4) On Monday, November 3rd, 2014, the Market closed 17390 which was a +1.2% increase and this was the day before the election.

5) Now, granted on Wednesday November 5th the Market was up +101 points and on Thursday November 6th it was up +130 points. But this is only consistent with the general trend of the Market under this President. Both those increases fall shorter than the previous Friday’s 195 point increase.

6) Under President Obama, the Stock Market has gone from 7949.09 at the start of his Presidency, to a closing on Monday, November 10th of 17,573.93 and all this with a Congress determined to obstruct, hate monger and belittle.

So Mike Barnicle, and Fox News in general, cherry pick your figures for slanted arguments but even the layman can see the total picture that Business Economy is surviving and flourishing.

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