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Open Letter To 6th Circuit Court: Why Am I A Second Class Citizen?


shape-writing_fabien_udr_01Your Honors;

I am a 68-year-old Vietnam Veteran who served four years proudly defending our Nation, its citizens and their rights.

Who is defending mine?

It would seem by your ruling on the State Constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, you would have us install a “caste system,” as happens in India, if people of a State so voted.

Your interpretation and ruling leaves the door open to, if a State voted for slavery, blonds only water fountains or jumping off a cliff, you would believe it to be legal because of the fact a majority of those voting, so voted.

It would seem you believe that the “voice,” in this instance the vote, of the majority can not be wrong. Therefore a majority can deny “civil rights” to the few and be legal as long as they vote on it.

Is not a Constitution, whether State or Federal, a document to protect the rights of minorities from the will of the majority?

Did not our “Founding Fathers” flee to the “New World” because of the persecution and the will of the majority?

And did not the fleeing result in a document that states that “All men are created equal?”

For 25 years, I have lived with my partner, who I feel is as important in my life as any “husband or wife” would feel for their partner.

We have paid a mortgage, taxes for schools and governments, actively support local charities and community functions, but by your ruling, not as our neighbors equal but as second class citizens.

Why am I less than equal?

Why do you relegate me to a “second class” citizen, and why do you support those who want to deny me the civil right to marry, due to their personal or religious view?

Why is my “Marriage” in New York recognized in almost 30 plus States but you feel the “vote” in Ohio over rides that recognition?

Just because they voted to deny me rights does not make it a legally sound argument.

“The voice of the majority is not always the voice of God.”


T. Hand

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