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Illegal Immigrants or Refugees?


lakeside_Liberty_Bell-semithickAs a first generation American on my Mother’s side, and third generation American on my Father’s side, I’ve watched with interest the rush to our Southern border by the many children fleeing for their lives from lawless, corrupt and drug influenced Nations in Central America.

I’ve also noticed that once again the “far-right” has high jacked the verbiage used to describe this crisis.

The right has a knack for screwing the message with words.

Take the Affordable Care Act as an example as it became Obama Care.

There are many other examples of how they define their arguments but that would be for another post.

At this time I want just to discuss the issue which is a humanitarian issue and not one of immigration.

Would we tolerate the actions as recently seen in California by, let us say, the residents of Jordan with the influx of Palestinians, or say the residents of Egypt and those fleeing the war in Gaza?

Across the world we have help the UN to set up refugee camps but here we turn our back on helpless, afraid and in many cases children by themselves.

The conservatives tout religion and especially the Christian values as a cornerstone to the founding of this Republic and I ask, where is that cornerstone now?

It has even been suggested that “Jesus would be in favor of deportation” of these children but no mention of the Jesus who said, “Suffer the little children unto me.”

Many of these children once across the river into America,  stand on the shore waiting to be picked up. Not fleeing but waiting for help.

Those who have made it stand with hope, with dreams and with courage.

They have endured a hazardous journey to be free from fear, want, rape and death.

Illegal Immigrants or Refugees? A border crisis or a humanitarian need?








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