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Marriage Equality and a Proud Moment at the Giant Eagle Deli



ringsSomehow buying deli meats, plus cheese, seems a long way off from marriage equality, but in an activists life, it’s just another day.

Today, Bob and I ventured out to do some early afternoon shopping and one of the places we needed to stop was our local Giant Eagle.

We have always had good experiences at this particular Giant Eagle.

Several of the people working there know we are a couple and have always been very friendly and hospitable, but today was absolutely, as the Brits would say, “brilliant.”

Upon approaching the deli, we took our number and were the next in line.

Two employees were working and taking care of the previous two people in front of us.

After no more than 5 minutes, a third employee entered, washed her hands, and started to wait on us.

As Bob was giving her our order, one of the ladies who was waiting on a previous customer asked “whose next?”

It is at this point I need to add that these ladies working behind the counter seemed to have ages ranging from early 40’s to early 60’s. So the following scene is remarkable in many ways.

Bob stated, “all ready taken care of…” where upon she looks at me and said, “can I help you sir?”

I reached my arm out and put it on Bob’s shoulder and answered, “I’m with him.”

Not even missing a beat, she smiled and stated, “Oh father and son.”

Bob and I, grinning and knowing this was going to be interesting, answered in stereo, “No.”

Seemingly not dissuaded, she ventured forth as tho on a quest.

“Oh, brothers or sisters like…?”

Immediately both Bob and I answered, he with “Sort of”, meaning sisters, and I of course answered “yes, sisters and been together 25 years. We got married last year.”

She beamed and didn’t hesitate,  “Wonderful, did you go to New York?”

“Yes” I replied.

At this point, all four employees were smiling and talking at once, “Congratulations.”

As everybody behind the deli was chiming in on support for marriage equality, I said, “We will need your help when it goes to ballot,” and again the four voiced “Yes, count on it.”

With all the employees at the deli counter voicing approval and support, I had noticed that the lady in front of Bob, who was standing next to him, was not pleased. She moved away down to the right of the counter and then farther away when she crossed behind us and went to the far left of the counter.

As we walked away, I looked back to see her glare.

So even in the middle of this happy occasion, I was brought back to a fact, it’s not over.

There are many more “deli experiences” needing to take place across the State of Ohio, for “marriage equality” to happen.

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