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Ohio LGBT Statewide Convention: Has The Time Come and Gone?


mcol_rainbowOn March 24th of 2009 I proposed, to the then Ohio Democratic LGBT Director, an idea that I had been mulling over for sometime, an Ohio LGBT State Convention, to be held before the 2010 election.

Dare To Dream posted the idea and took a poll but to our chagrin, no interest of action followed.

Plus since I’m a very small cog in the political machinery, my voice did not go beyond the polite, “…that sounds nice Tristan.”

Now that it is 5 years later and most of the Country is lurching and advancing forward, is there a need or desire?

With the Statewide “tiff” between Equality Ohio and Freedom to Marry could the idea work?

So, once again, let us re-visit the idea and post.

LGBT State Convention 3/24/2009

First let me give some detail and background.

Three main goals for State Convention: (1) Would be to have an impact on State politics and further LGBT civil rights in Ohio. (2) Would be to unite the State LGBT Community as one political voice in Ohio and (3) To further LGBT equality in Ohio.

The Ohio LGBT State Convention would be a two day event in Columbus, Ohio.

Organizations like the various Stonewall Clubs; HRC; Area Aids Task Force; Equality Ohio; Gay Churches and Gay Friendly Churches; University/College Gay Clubs; Gay Veterans; Gay Publications, etc, all would send three Delegates.

Gay Bars and Clubs could choose and send three Delegates.

Gay Ohio Elected Officials would be Delegates at Large.

Anyone not within any of the stated groups could register as a Delegate at Large.

A Platform Committee would be established before the Convention and would hold regional hearings with LGBT Community Members to set up a Unity Platform.

Now here’s the really hard part, who would come and is there enough interest to call for a Ohio Statewide LGBT Convention?

This has never been tried in any State and surely would garner interest from around the Country and with the media.

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