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Open Letter To Sponsors and Co-sponsors of Ohio HB 376


quillDear Ohio House of Representative Member,

I am a “Viet Nam Era” (1966-1970) Veteran who spent four years of his life defending this Nation, it’s rights and it’s freedoms.

Who is defending mine?

Obviously, not you.

As a cosponsor of Ohio HB 376, you wish to deny the civil rights of many of your voters.

You obviously believe in a Theocracy more then a Democracy.

Has Ohio become an Islamic State?

Would you have this Nation return to “separate but equal” housing, schools, buses, drinking fountains and lunch counters?

Would you put “pink triangles” on those of us who you would deny equal rights and services or is mere suspicion or perception to be enough?

Would you allow ones civil rights denied because the bible states women should not wear the clothes of a man…like pants?

Would you allow ones civil rights to be violated because they have adorned themselves with tattoos?

Would you defend the business who denied service to an inter-racial married man and women?

Would you support laws based on women being property of their husbands or fathers?

Would you now build a larger bureaucracy to enforce this government of Theocracy?

With HB 376, I hear the stomp of marching boots as tho they have stepped out of the history’s pages of Europe and the 1930’s.

As long as I can VOTE, I will vote for Equality.

As long as I can VOTE, I vote for Democracy.

As long as I can VOTE, I will vote against you and those who deny American’s liberty, justice and freedom.

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