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O’Reilly Puts Easter Eggs And Bunny On The Same Level As The Ressurection


praying_hands_joshua_sne_01The other night I was watching Fox news and as is my custom when watching, yelling at what ever idiot is spewing forth their “rant” at the time.

Bill “Oh Really”, along with Laura Ingram, were musing over the “far lefts” secular attack on the “Christian Traditional Value” of Easter Eggs and the Easter Bunny, because of some communities changing the “Easter Egg Hunt” to “Egg Hunt or Roll.”

I watched and couldn’t believe he was spouting this garbage.

Sir, the symbols of eggs and rabbits for Easter are based on pagan concepts!!

No where do you find Easter eggs and bunny in Bible theology.

The Hare, a “hermaphrodite” symbol of fertility and the egg, along with birds that must include ducks and chicks, are also a symbol of fertility.

They, like the Christmas tree and other symbols for Christmas, adapted to the Christian tradition to bring other cultures into the “fold.”

No-where in the song does it say, “Peter Cottontail, hopping down the” road to Calvary.

Calvary Sir!

The Death Sir!

THE Resurrection Sir, these are the true Christian Easter Traditions we should be concerned about.


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