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Gay Progressive May Get What He Wished For


Guess the old adage of “watch what you wish for” is true indeed.

In Dare To Dream I have posted several times that I thought it would be a good thing to have a real debate on the social issues during the 2012 choice for President. A true Jeffersonian revolution of ideas and values which I have always emphasized that Progressives should not shy away from or fear.

I had urged Sarah Palin to run and even hoped that Rick Santorum and his “Theocracy” philosophy would pull off a surprise in the GOP primary and defeat Romney. All in the hopes that once and for all we could have the debate on what this Nation is truly about, what’s its values and how do we define ourselves as a people, but as those “social conservative” Republicans bit the dust under Romney’s “Corpocracy” monied juggernaut, that debate faded to almost obscurity.

But alas, along came Vice President Biden and a Sunday talk program and suddenly the social debate was back as Biden declared that he supported “same-sex marriage.”

Days later the President himself was declaring he had “evolved” on the issue and now was supportive of “same-sex marriages,” and this Progressive found himself again excited about the coming debate.

Yes, truly excited about the debate on the last major civil rights issue to face this Country, and I, along with my partner of almost 23 years, may see it’s out come in our lifetime.

Will we choose a “Pastor in Chief” or a “Commander-in-Chief?”

Will the “far-right”, who abhor and fear sharia law, put in place their own “Bible Law” instead of “Constitutional Law?”

The far right Religious Community and Social Conservatives have no problem with Adulterers; Liars; Robbers; Fornicator; Murderers; Those that Covet, Envy or Bare False Witness; Atheist and Agnostics being able to marry but on moral grounds they oppose Gay Marriage, which I find an affront to Civil Rights itself.

If a Theocracy is established in America and Biblical Law is the rule, then all the rights given by Civil Law to married couples should then be abolished, since nowhere in scripture are those rights directed as ordained.

Over the next several weeks and months Dare To Dream will explore, write and encourage discussion on these issues.

We must not, can not and should not shy away from this historic debate.

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  1. elecpencil permalink
    05/15/2012 8:24 am

    Tristan ~ I think the term U.S. Christian sharia law should be used more. It really conveys what is happening in this country. I have been hearing many in the African-American community condeming President Obama for speaking out. One would think this would be a community that would see denying gays rights as an infringement on civil rights. It’s as if no one in the black community has anyone gay in their family. As far as they are concerned their Bible doesn’t accept gays. That is of course the same book that says, “Slaves obey your masters.” Thought you might be interested in this article from the Youngstown Vindicator:

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