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Primary Season, Election Season And General Life Tidbits


It has been  many months since I’ve sat down to post my thoughts and instead of waiting for the “muse” to move me, I’ve forced myself to collect my varied thoughts and proceed to write them down.

If any of you have read my “Tidbit” thoughts before you know they don’t follow any single pattern and are a sort of “hodge podge” of ramblings. All I can say is they make sense to me.

1) The statement about Ann Romney not having to work because of her wealth amuses me. The fact is that as one with wealth she chose not to work and stay home with the “boys.” That fact can be applauded but the point that should be made over and over is, she had that choice while the majority of struggling American families DO NOT have that choice and wives have to work to raise their children and make ends meet.

The other part of this tidbit is that Ann Romney had a choice, something the Republican party seems not to apply to other women’s issues.

2) As I have previously posted on Dare to Dream, I was looking forward to an election season which would have the GOP touting its social issues over economic issues. I think, as I have stated before, it’s time we have that discussion and finally hear from the Nation on which direction it wants to go, “Inclusive or Exclusive.”

Progressives should not fear that fight and to bad Santorum bowed out.

3) Fracking…No, No, No. It’s as plain as those shakes and rumbles you hear from under-ground.

4) With the Martin case, the Cleveland shootings in a Cracker Barrel restaurant and the murder of a friend of mine’s relative in Erie PA, only a couple of examples, it’s again time for me to say I am a FAG! Fully Armed Gay.

The more and more this “wild west” GOP mentality spread across the Nation and their proposed State laws on guns, it seems we need to arm ourselves in defense against the NRA agenda.

5) Far Right Radio talk hosts are great example of the truth in Sinclair Lewis‘s statement: “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.” I can see Ted Nugent leading the charge.

6) Mitt Romney says his favorite sport is “Dressage.” Sounds French and European to me.

7) Wonder if Mitt Romney has plans to install an elevator for the limos at the White House?

8) Sean Hannity simply amazes me every time I watch him. Wish he would run for office and let’s hear him take his points of view to the electorate which he treats as simpletons.

9) There is a side street next to our house which enters on a main street. The only way out of the housing development behind us is the side street. Why is it that a majority of those heading to work in the morning are already on their cell phones? You just left home.

The second part of this tidbit is the fact there’s a stop sign at the main street and 90 percent of those approaching slow down and never stop but roar out on the highway. The other 10 percent are forced to stop because of on coming traffic being closer than they can ignore.


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