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Let The 2012 Election Be The Debate We’ve Avoided: Corporate Theocracy vs Social Justice


When Sarah Palin was skirting around the issue of running for President, Dare to Dream stated “Run Baby Run,” so it is with that same excitement I viewed last nights GOP gathering in Iowa.

Now that Rick Santorum seems to be surging, yes even charging, to the forefront of the Republican primaries, I’m excited at the prospects for the National debate on key philosophies, doctrines and concepts.

You see, for me, this is the idea Jefferson had in mind when he talked about a “revolution” is needed now and then.

Internally, the GOP is already struggling, and I may add poorly,  with the issues that need to be discussed nationally.

The GOP is split in a three-way power struggle between two fringes and a moderate in this debate.

Let’s have the Nation debate those social issues, religious doctrines and business ethics the far right holds near and dear.

Those issues they seem to know were in the minds of the “Founding Fathers” and especially inspired by God.

Let’s see once and for all if their self-righteous false virtues, land of opportunity for the select minority and only 1% of “All men are created equal” is a concept held by all.

Let us face head on the debate of Corporations are people too but not when they are to be held responsible for crimes against people.

Let us face the debate head on about the morality issues, civil rights issues and all those quality of life decisions that conservative talk about but show a different face to reality.

No matter which candidate emerges from the GOP pack we can have a true debate on the American “concept.” From the GOP moderate, who put many out of work to make a “buck”, to a GOP isolationist with economic destruction tendencies and finally a  self-righteous and pious politician who has been called “one of the most corrupt” politicians in Congress, we can truly have a nationwide debate that will shape our future in the world community.

Yes, let us have the debate and as “progressives” not fear being heard as the voice of reason.

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