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Tristan’s Holiday and Political Tidbits


I must confess to being very neglectful with Dare To Dream over the last year.

It would seem that I’ve lost a sense of passion for both the Holidays and for the “Political Season.”

I’ve watched, like a spectator at a NASCAR event, the GOP debates. Waiting for the anticipated big crash to happen, and as I wrote on this blog right after the election defeat of McCain/Palin, that crash would lead to the disarray of the Republican Party.

Dare To Dream predicated that the new “Tea Party” movement was akin to the 1960’s Dixiecrats and would follow the same course as that movement did. I feel the events over the extensive debate process of the GOP has shown us right.

So as I pick up the key board to put down my thoughts, I felt I should start with a series of “tidbits” of observations that I have made during the many months of hibernating from the blog world.

These are not in a particular order but a random coalition of thought.

1. Gringrich’s  assertion that the Palestine people were an “invented people.”. Okay, this boggles my mind. Aren’t the majority of today’s nations and people in the world an invented people? For example, America. We are a combination of so many cultures and people who were not original to this continent.

Another example of invented people might be the English. The true native “Brit” is probably in the mountains of Wales, for as the Angles; Saxons; Vikings; Danes and others invaded the island the original residents fled west.

2. Romney must not sit down to a dinner table in restaurants  uninvited. Just because a person (who turned out to be gay) has a Viet Nam veteran’s hat on doesn’t make him a conservative or an anti gay marriage proponent. Gay’s have served, fought and even died for this country too.

3. Parents who roll through stop signs while their children are in the car should not expect their children to follow their rules at home.

4. Progressives and Democrats should be using the term “working poor” more and more to describe the demise of the middle class. It’s time that Progressives define the rhetoric.

5. If you believe that Gringrich has changed and has found “God”, plus the moral way, then you must accept the word of a convict who says he is changed and found “God.”

6. How can it be alright that the “Tea Party” members can hold rallies where they openly wear weapons but Occupy Wall Street protesters are thugs and hooligans?

7. Why is it that a GOP “wanabee” Presidential candidate can “miss speak” historical facts  yet they accuse the President of not “understanding America.”

8. Figures show that marriage among straight couples are at an all time low yet conservatives feel “gay marriages” will destroy the institution.

These little “tidbits” will have to do for now.


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  1. elecpencil permalink
    12/17/2011 3:56 pm

    Tristan ~ Loved your eights points. I love how this veteran and child took on the GOP weasels: http||

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