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A Progressive Begs: Please Sarah, Run Baby, Run!


Ok, it isn’t what I really like to do on a Saturday afternoon, especially with OSU playing football on the TV, but I watched and listened to Sarah Palin speak at a “Tea Party” gathering in Iowa.

One saving grace was that it was on C-Span and I didn’t have to endure the psycho “babble” of a media commentator, before or after, and I could get my thoughts together on what I heard and saw.

We have had many earlier posts on Dare To Dream about the former half term Governor of Alaska, so this is not new territory for us to explore and rate.

Dare To Dream has compared the “Tea Party” to the former Dixiecrats of the 60’s and still stand behind that comparison. Tho I now must add that Palin introduces a “tent meeting revival fervor” to this modern-day movement which is lacking in the presently declared GOP candidates.

Rick Perry may be the closes to being Elmer Gantry to Palin’s Amiee Semple McPherson but we’ll have to let the debate show us that or not.

We have stated before that this splinter section, “Tea Party”, of the GOP may be its down fall in the long run, or, just what’s needed to bring the Republicans back to some sort of normalcy once the “fringe” is finally cut loose as were the Dixiecrats in the 60’s.

Listening to the defeated one time GOP vice-presidential candidate today, was a lesson in control for me. Instead of yelling back at the many “same old” talking points, I tried to evaluate and listen.

The only distractions came when Palin would try to make a point in  screeching tones that resembled the sound of chalk on a black board.

Once back in lower tones she would charge on as tho on a holy crusade against all things Obama.

Her one big issue, that may become a “dead horse” from her whipping it so often, is an attack on what she calls “crony capitalism.”

With veiled rhetoric that might have been directed at Rick Perry, and a few other Republicans, Palin charges ahead on her perceptions that most, if not all, career politicians are tainted with “crony capitalism.”

As Palin kept harping on this point I strayed into thought of her ties to Rupert Murdock and Fox News, and in those thoughts, I wondered about how  that would be justified in her “crony capitalism,” plus “trooper gate” and all those “Wasillans” that surrounded her during the “half term governors” time in office.

Yes, there is a distinct difference in Palin’s philosophy and progressives.

So, Yes Sarah, let’s finally have it out like it was the1960’s again.

Let’s have the debate. Let’s discuss the ideology of the future with your ideology tied to the past.

You, be the standard barer of your ideals, your concepts and your philosophies.

Please Sarah, Run Baby, Run!

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