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Gathering Thoughts


Oh my, here it is almost Autumn and I’ve really been neglectful on so many fronts and one being Dare to Dream.

Summer and politics, to say the least, has been depressing.

There have been so many things to grumble, complain, and stand amazed about over this past Summer, that it could send one into a general “Network” movie like mode, standing outside yelling, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not taking it anymore!”

Yes, I must say that I am very disappointed with “our” President. Saying that I add, I am truly scared of those running for President on the “far right fringe” and thereby I’m not about to abandon the progressive movement now.

So here I sit, looking at many weeks of blankness from my keyboard, vowing to re-join the fray.

The one bright spot is that if Perry, Bachmann, Cantor and all the GOP elite keep spewing forth their dribble, I’ll definitely have a bountiful harvest for Dare to Dream’s Fall posts.








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