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Gay And Republican Seems Like Oil And Water


As many of our Dare To Dream readers know, I have often stated I grew up a “Barry Goldwater Republican” that became a “Robert Kennedy Democrat” and find no contradiction in that process.

My Dad was a cross of an Eisenhower Republican, “follow the General anywhere” sort of guy,  and a Truman Democrat. I attribute a lot of my Dad’s politics  to the fact he came from North Dakota, which has a strong farm labor tie, and his being a WWII serviceman.

My Mother’s roots in politics has a European flavor, since she was English born and bred, until coming to the States in her early twenties. I must add that she was a strong Ronald Reagan Republican before her death.

The issue that prompted this post was the defeat of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” legislation in the Senate this week, coupled with Georgia Senator Saxbe Chambliss’s office email to web site calling for the death of “faggots.”

The homophobic rhetoric of the Republican party, and especially those who have been found hiding in the darkness of the closet, is appalling.

The minimal protest from the Log Cabin Republicans, the GOP answer to Stonewall Democrats, is so lame as to be laughable and even worse, ineffectual.

The burning question I have to my Republican gay friends is, “How can you be Republican?”

Now I understand that I started out as a GOP follower but Goldwater believed in “small government, strong defense and the government should stay out of people’s private lives.” When asked, before he died, about gays in the military he stated, “…the only thing needing to be straight in the military is the bullet coming out of the weapon.”

This is a Republican you can live with and admire.

But how can you admire those who call for your “death” or putting gays in “concentration camps“?

How can you admire those who state you’re an “abomination” or “mentally sick”?

How can you believe in a political system that states it’s core value is based in/on the constitution yet deny people their “civil rights and liberties”?

How can you vote to give someone legislative authority over you that wants to destroy you and curtail your freedoms?

Voting Republican in November and being gay is like oil and water, they don’t mix.

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  1. elecpencil permalink
    09/24/2010 6:08 pm

    I was never a Goldwater fan. he associated with gangsters and went after unions. He fought against the New Deal and voted against the Civil Rights Act. He did seem to change his mind on some things before his death. I blame him for the movement that gave us that evil bastard Reagan.

    I recently heard a black syndicated radio talk show host tell blacks that they should all be Republicans. His reasoning was that the Republicans were opposing the biggest threat to the USA. That he said was gay marriage and gay rights. I’ve run into lots of blacks over the years that felt that way. You would think they’d be the first people to understand someone having their civil rights violated.

  2. 09/25/2010 8:01 am

    I chatted with a black co-worker this week about this same topic as you mention about the radio talk host. He also pointed out to me that the Republican party’s core values is what attracts many blacks but many forget that it has been the government that has made it possible for the black communities process. He also pointed that he felt we were heading to “cultural warfare” and I must heartily agree. I had a prominent black Warren lawyer once tell me that he respected my integrity and honesty but not me as a person since I was gay.

  3. elecpencil permalink
    09/26/2010 11:40 pm

    I see the GOP wants to get rid of the health care plan that passed. They don’t give a damn if people have pre-existing conditions or no health care at all. I see them support CEO’s over workers. I see them wanting tort reform to protect corporations and bad doctors over the public. I could give such examples all day. These are the real core values of the GOP. I’ve heard several different black ministers say, “Women should be subservient and in the kitchen baking not working at a job.” If keeping women and gays in their place is what many blacks believe they belong in the GOP. They can be like the angry white men who say, “I’ve got mine screw you.”

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