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Northern Ohio Communities Push Back Against Sewer District “Tax”


The fight over the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s proposed new fee, or “tax“, continues.

As previously posted on Dare To Dream, we oppose said “tax” and or fee and happily join the group of local leaders and communities opposing this proposal.

Please read Dare To Dream posts for further background and info.


We the undersigned elected officials representing the residents and businesses located within our respective communities do hereby proclaim our absolute and total opposition to the unvoted and, as determined by our
Summit County Prosecutor, unauthorized stormwater runoff fees (taxes) being proposed by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD).

Furthermore, Summit County has been denied representation on the NEORSD Board. We therefore affirm our resolve to oppose and reject all taxation without representation and encourage our residents to adopt the same resolve by refusing to pay said fees including deducting them from future water bills that include said fees.

We furthermore resolve to protect, to the fullest extent of the law, our residents from the threat of water service termination when said service has been paid in full but the aforementioned fees have been deducted. Any person or organization attempting to terminate services under the aforementioned conditions will face fourth degree felony charges under ORC 2909.04(a)(2) Disrupting Public Services.

AGREED ARE: (As of July 20, 2010)

Paul G. Buescher Northfield Center Twp. Trustee
Nick Kostandaras Summit County Council
Don Kuchta Mayor, City of Macedonia
Victor Milani Mayor, Village of Northfield
Jesse Nehez Village of Northfield, Council
Shane Barker Macedonia City Council
Michael Miller Macedonia City Council
Bobbie Beshara Village of Richfield Councilmember
Nick Molnar Macedonia City Council
Karyn Selle Northfield Village Council
Linda Bowen Northfield Village Council
Richard Barrett Sagamore Hills Twp., Trustee
Bea Greenlee Northfield Village Council
Richard Reville Northfield Center Twp., Trustee
Brent Sommer Northfield Center Twp., Trustee
Katherine A. Procop Mayor, City of Twinsburg
Gary Sorace Twinsburg City Council
Sam Scaffide Twinsburg City Council
Patrick Lovejoy Village of Richfield, Council
Dave Engle Macedonia City Council
Laurie Peters Gilmore Richfield Township Trustee
Janet Jankura Richfield Township Trustee
David Wyatt Richfield Township Trustee
Bob McDermott Twinsburg City Council

The above Declaration was sent on July 12th to ALL 68 elected officials representing the 11 communities* affected by the NEORSD’s proposed tax and was followed up by a second request to those who had not yet agreed. Prior to my releasing this press release, I received requests from two Boston Heights officials who initially signed on but changed their minds and asked to have their names removed. I received one refusal from a Sagamore Hills Trustee with disparaging remarks, one from the Summit County Council who courteously declined and one phone call from a Summit County official who explained that he is part of the lawsuit against the NEORSD and had to decline because of that position. I never received even an acknowledgment from the rest.

Now you know who truly represents your interests and are willing to stand up and fight for YOU!

What this Declaration simply means is that until the Summit County Court of Common Pleas decides that the attempted collection of the Stormwater fees by the NEORSD is legal, we will not pay! The court will make this decision one way or the other and we will all abide by it but UNTIL the court decides, we are following the stand of our County Prosecutor who stated that the NEORSD does not have any authority in Summit County.

* The 11 Communities:
Bath Township
Boston Heights Village
Northfield Center Township
Northfield Village
Richfield Village
Richfield Township
Sagamore Hills Township
Twinsburg Township
and Summit County Council

*This statement was released through NORTHSUMMIT7@AOL.COM A FREE & OPEN COMMUNITY FORUM & NEWSLETTER OF, BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE OF NORTHERN SUMMIT COUNTY, OHIO SINCE 1999 NS7 is published through environmentally friendly SOLAR power!
Vol. 12 – No. 20 Wednesday July 21, 2010

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