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America Has More To Fear From The Right Than From The Left


Many of my friends must be getting tired with my “babblings” about the subject of the “right” is far more dangerous than the “left”, but it’s one that I passionately believe and feel is a fact as I have a specific story to relate which reinforces my belief and concern. First a couple of other comments.

I’m often reminded of Sinclair Lewis‘s quote from his 1935 novel, It Can’t Happen Here: “When Fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.” In all fairness, the last part of that quote about the cross can not be directly attributed to Lewis in the book but it is suspected he added that part of the phrasing at a later date.

When you look around the world and the history of governments, one can see plainly that fascism stems from the movement on the right of the political spectrum. From Germany, Italy and Spain in the thirties to many Latin American countries in the fifties and sixties, one can see the “far right” in action.

The Fox News Network seems to be more Gobbels than fact and Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity, with Limbaugh thrown in for good measure, are modern Lord Haw Haws of the Tea Baggers and their “let us take our Government back” ideology.

When you hear Tea Bagger candidates like Sharron Angle talk about a “second amendment solution” to their perceived problems with the duly elected government, it’s fascism in the making.

When you hear Tea Bagger Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann suggest “commandeer” ships for the cleanup in the gulf, it’s fascism in the making.

When you hear Senator, and former Candidate for President, John McCain say on Meet the Press, “Force the Afghan people” to accept their government, it’s fascism in the making.

When Glenn Beck becomes more Elmer Gantry with sermon’s on taking America back and Rush Limbaugh stokes the fire with ethnic rhetoric, it’s fascism in the making.

Now to my story.

It’s one that I thought I’d never be telling and would be skeptical if it was told to me by someone else.

The day before General McCrystal was to see President Obama about the General’s interview in Rolling Stone Magazine, I had a conversation with a person that I have a daily working contact with and I’ll call him Truck Driver Joe.

As Joe approaches the site where I’m working, he turns down his radio, which has Glenn Beck blaring into the afternoon air, and states as plain as can be, “I hope that General takes a battalion of Marines to the White House and gets rid of that…”

I really didn’t hear the ending of his statement for I couldn’t believe I was hearing the first part.

I looked at him and said, “Joe, are you really advocating the over throw of our duly elected Government?”

“We need to take our Government back” was his reply.

“But Joe,” I blurted, “Military over throw of an elected American Government, you want that.”

“We need him out” was his reply.

“Then elect someone else” was my comment.

Then I paused, gathered my thoughts and went on. “Joe, if we had a military solution every time we disagreed with Government policy we become a third world country. Is that what you want? That’s not what America is about.”

“Maybe not, whatever,” was his retort but I could see he was convinced he was right.

“Gotta go,” he muttered, and the radio came back on louder as he drove away, fascism in the making.

I must admit that conversation has been played and replayed in my mind since it took place and I still keep coming up with the same question; Where does Joe and the right want to take the Government back to?

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  1. 07/05/2010 7:51 am

    I don’t take Glenn Beck seriously.
    But the Joe’s do.
    a lot.
    Vote. It is the billyclub of balance.

  2. katie permalink
    07/05/2010 1:01 pm

    What a frightening story….At 62 I cannot believe this is what America is becoming..I remember reading a story about a Dry Cleaner, shortly after G.W.Bush was elected, that unwittingly said something similar to your story to an off duty policeman. The dry Cleaner was arrested for threatening the President. I often wonder what ever happened to him. These folks on the right NEED the same treatment….

  3. elecpencil permalink
    07/05/2010 1:40 pm

    “That which the Fascists hate above all else, is intelligence.” ~ Unamuno, Miguel De

    That is why the corporations that own our government use what I call,”brain slaughterhouses” like FOX NEWS to dumb down the sheep. FOX NEWS shuns facts because facts have a liberal bias. Sheep who who are regularly sheared will one day wonder why they are cold. We need to convince the sheep that they are all capable of being shepherds. On that day we will have true democracy where we are all leaders.

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