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Dare To Dream Still Growing On Start Of Fourth Year


We at Dare To Dream are proud to announce our new look!

As we now go into our fourth year on-line, a change in the DTD look gives us a more professional and a definite user friendly look and approach for the blog.

As we prepared for the change, and new look, we found an interesting fact. Those that visit DTD on a regular basis wanted us to keep Sofia as the “logo”. One of our readers stated, “It’s like she’s watching out for signs of trouble and then protecting us from it.” After that statement there was no way we could take “Sof” off the top of the blog…she still watching out and trying to protect.

Many of you have heard us state before that DTD started as a small local Warren Ohio blog and has grown to its present form and size. Each month we grow with visitors and comments from far and wide, but we try to also keep our local approach to Northeastern Ohio with special interest in Mahoning, Trumbull and Summit counties, especially when dealing with issues and elections plus human rights.

Those of you who wish can rate each posting you’re reading or subscribe to the blog and even follow my “tweets” from the home page of DTD.

Those of you who use to follow Steve Oravecz, former political editor and columnist for a Warren Ohio newspaper, can still find his insight, comments and thoughts here on DTD. We also occasionally have re-post from NS7, a on-line bulletin board serving Northern Summit County. You’ll also find other contributors which we encourage to give their thoughts on all varied types of interest from enviroment, pet care and of course, politics.

Dare To Dream has no illusions that it’s as powerful a tool like Huffington Post or Media Matters, but we try to enlighten and entertain with a progressive outlook for those who find us thought provoking and insightful.

Thank you for your support and let us hear from you.

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