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The Dog And The Man Two Years Later



June 24, 1992 – May 27, 2008

Many years ago, as a young man in my 20’s, I wrote a poem that has one of my favorite lines, “Every boy should have a dog to remember as a man.” This was written about my boyhood dog Lady.

Now as one who is approaching the Autumn/Winter of my life I have written another line about another dog, Sofia, our Siberian Husky, who became a big part of our family life just days short of 16 years.

As I watched her draw her last breath on that fateful Tuesday afternoon two years ago, I found myself saying that line written for Lady and then adding “…and every man should have a dog to bring out the boy”.

My emotions to the passing of Sofia is in many ways akin to how author/writer TH White, Merlin and Once and Future King, had expressed his feeling in the loss of his favorite friend Brownie and I relate to his sadness, which lasted for many years.

“Sof”, thanks for helping Bob and me to be boys again but most of all, thanks for the unconditional love you gave to the “family”.

In Memory of a Loyal Friend.


As a boy, I had several dogs to romp and play with,
And then later in life, to remember in fondness.
There was Rusty and Scamp,
Companions of my childhood.
Lady and Bonnie Gay Heather,
The friends of my teenage years.
With love and affection they followed my every youthful move.
Every boy should have a dog to remember as a man.
Almost thirty years passed,
Until another spirit of the wild would come into my life,
And she brought all the comfort of my youth
With the pleasure of my age.
Every man should have a dog to bring out the boy.
Fifteen years of unselfish and unconditional love
Has left a hole in my heart by her passing.
I see her soft blue eyes in the fading light of evening
And feel her head upon my lap when all seems lost
From the burdens of the day.
Her memory greets me at the door
As tho she still waits expectantly.
I feel her brush upon my leg in passing
As I walk about the house
Missing her gentle love and faithful trust.
Even in her death,
She gives me comfort and love,
Whisper softly,
“Miss you Sof”.

picture-sofia-0021*A Big Thank You to Kathleen Briggs who painted the portrait of Sofia which hangs over the mantle of the fireplace. “Portrait In Pastels…pets and people.” To obtain more info add comment for information.

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