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NEORSD House Not In Order With Bribery And “Taxation Without Representation”


It would appear that the NEORSD’s house is not totally in order.

A board member with the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer says he is not surprised by bribery charges filed today against the district’s former chief attorney.

William Schatz was charged in a criminal information filed Wednesday morning the U.S. District Court for Northern Ohio. He’s accused of taking $847,000 in bribes, as well as embezzlement and tax fraud.

Board member Gary Starr, who has long been critical of the sewer district’s handling of construction projects said,

“I have been warning the district for years and unfortunately I am not surprised by today’s developments.”

A spokesperson for the sewer district said it has changed internal policies to ensure public monies are protected.

FBI investigation into business deals at the sewer district has been on going for over two years.

So now this comes to light amid the board’s decision to charge a tax on businesses and residents of Northern Summit County without those businesses and residents being under their jurisdiction nor having a representative or vote in the matter.

One wonders if the board is looking for ways to recoup their loses from the embezzlement by adding taxes to a public that has no say so or representation in the matter.

What else may be revealed from the FBI’s investigation?

Please read Dare To Dream posts for further background and info.

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