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GOP Call Dems Arrogant But Show Their Ignorance


As I sat watching the vote on “Health Reform” unfold Sunday night, I was mesmerized by several facts.

First was listening to Republican Congress members touting the same rhetoric, which was highly reminisce of the “town hall” meeting talking points that were orchestrated this past year.

Tired phrases, scare tactics and above all the GOP attitude of shelf righteous indignation coupled with their Elmer Gantry bravado.

The one talking point that caught my ear was the Republican’s use of the word “Arrogance” in referring to the President, Democrats and the process unfolding in the House Chamber.

“Arrogance” was then tied with the phrase, “…this is the people’s house, not the Democrat’s house, not the President’s house, but the people’s house.”

In the written word, the phrase has a giant omission that speaks volumes about the GOP that could have been missed by those listening to the debate.

Where is the phrase…”not the Republican’s house but the people’s house?” Guess they feel that only they are the keeper of the “people’s house.”

Other phrases as “unlawful, unconstitutional and no regard to the will of the American people” was thrown around as tho the world would end, which by the way it didn’t, as soon as the vote tally reached 216.

As a side note, the stock market was up on Monday

(Mar 22, 2010 Wall Street Wrap: Monday, March 22, 2010 At a top level, the Dow (DJIA) landed at an 18-month high, up 44 points to 10785.89 by the bell)

and was still up as of the writing of this post, and after today’s Presidential signature.

So this “unlawful and unconstitutional” process took place in full view of the world, how quickly the Republican’s forget how we went off to fight an “unconstitutional” war based on lies, concealed facts and far from the “people’s house.”

Where does the word “arrogant” really apply?

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