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Tea Baggers Show Their Dixiecrat Roots


Well it seems the “baggers” are feeling that they are between a “rock and a hard place” and showing their true nature.

Yesterday found them not being shy in using the “N” word while shouting “kill the bill” at Representative John Lewis and the “Faggot” word in reference to Congressman Barney Frank, while demonstrating their disapproval over the Health Care BIll.

As Dare To Dream has stated in previous posts, we believe that the “baggers” are very racially motivated when it come to President Obama and his administration.

After the CPAC Conference and the Tea Bag Convention, we asked, “has the ‘Dixiecrat’ movement been revived and just renamed as the ‘Tea Bag Party’?”

Dare To Dream pointed to Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo’s speech to the “bagger” convention and said we thought it could lead one to believe that it has.

We know what happen to the “Dixiecrats” and it is a safe bet that if the “baggers” keep on in the direction they are heading with the rhetoric they spew, they and the GOP will suffer the same fate.

Guess we haven’t come as far from the 60’s as we had hoped.

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  1. 03/22/2010 1:02 pm

    My tea bagging relatives (who amazingly enough, are Jewish) haven’t quite caught on to the fact that the right wing could be very scary once you get to really know it. The extreme right has learned how to use code words to try and hide its tendencies, but it is hard to hide some things.

    For example, the battle against marriage equality (I like that term better than the other one) is based upon being anti-gay even though it also affects common law marriages between men and women. No one catches that aspect since the code phrase is “gay marriage” rather than” marriage equality”.

    Maybe some supporters will suss out the lies, but some people will always remain committed.

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