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Tea Baggers+CPAC=Disarray For GOP


Over a year ago, Dare To Dream posted our belief that the “Palin effect” could be a movement to a possible strong third party, but since the orchestrated town hall meetings, “tea baggers” and now this years CPAC get together, we must modify our belief.

We still believe the door is open for a strong third party but the fractured GOP doesn’t seem to be the instrument of such a movement.

Yes, I must admit that the Democrats seem to be just as fractured between progressives, moderates and “blue dogs”, but they are still for all intense purposes, Democrats.

Here are some “Tidbits” that lead me to the direction that the GOP will not be a strong “party” of choice in the 2010 and 2012 elections and that “progressive” Democrats have sometime, not much, to get their act together.

1). Hearing Palin telling “baggers” that they need to “pick a party,” because we have a two party system, will likely drive a wedge between her and her base. Especially those that think she is the new breed of politician, the so called “fresh air.”

2). Then you have a situation that has been said to be “Republican’s eating their young.”

Megan McCain’s bright and articulate statements on the TV show The View, might be how many a young Republican conservative is approaching and responding to the current GOP situation. Her comments are far from the maddening cry of “tea baggers”, and the half term Governor of Alaska, which in turn brought Ms. McCain attacks and put downs from Fox News personality and “far right” conservative guru Glenn Beck.

3). As a young Barry Goldwater supporter in the 60’s, I feel that the power of youth is hard to over state. You only need to look at the 2008 election of President Obama to see how a “party” can harness the idealism of the young.

Out of the 24thousand votes cast in the CPAC straw poll this passed weekend, 54% were between the age of 18 and 25. That’s almost 1300 votes.

Could the last straw, no pun intended, for the GOP be that CPAC’s straw poll had 74 year old Texas Congressman and voice of the Libertarian wing of the party, Ron Paul, the winner with 31% of the vote.

Not a “bagger,” not a far right “winger,” not a “truther” or “birther” but a Libertarian.

4). Lastly, has the “Dixiecrat” movement been revived and just renamed as the “Tea Bag Party”?

Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo’s speech to the “bagger” convention would lead one to believe that it has.

We know what happen to the “Dixiecrats” and it is a safe bet that if the “baggers” keep on in the direction they are heading with the rhetoric they spew, they and the GOP will suffer the same fate.

I want to end with this question. Will the strong third party movement in the United States be from the right wing of the GOP or from the progressive side of the Democrats?

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  1. 02/22/2010 7:46 pm

    I’m surprised that this posting hasn’t at least generated some discussion. After more thought on the matter, I have also come to a conclusion that “tea baggers” might also be compared to what President Nixon called, “the silent majority.”

  2. elecpencil permalink
    02/24/2010 4:19 pm

    I don’t see a third party making any inroads. Progressives will vote for democrats to stop the GOP and teabaggers will vote for the GOP to stop the democrats. The more things stay the same the more things stay the same. I do love the fact Brown is pro-choice and voted for the jobs bill. His vote has pissed of Drudge and the rest of the corporate media stooges. I’m sure it has befuddled the teabaggers and aren’t they befuddled enough?

    I would say the teabaggers are like the Dixiecrat drive by racism.

    Libertarians hate the government and as far as I can see want to let the corporations rule us. I’m not for companies who have given us exploding Pintos, faulty Firestone tires, Toyotas with no brakes and exporters of lead based toys run the country and jeopardize my family.

  3. 03/02/2010 4:18 pm

    Partially since I have been avoiding the blogosphere due to shock. I needed to recoup.

    Third parties have a short history in the US as they are usually assimilated into one or the other party if their positions prove popular.

    I’d hardly call them “the Silent majority” more like the squeaky wheel which gets the attention of the media. Are they just another media creation?

  4. colfoley permalink
    03/14/2010 4:35 am

    Ironically enough Beck is a libertarian and considers himself a fan of Paul, more or less.

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