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How Will Fox News Spin Taliban Leaders Capture? Guest Post


Guest Post: Steve Oravecz, former Political Editor and Colunist

Pakistani intelligence has captured Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar – the Taliban’s top military commander. Having Baradar in custody is a clear blow to the Taliban, a victory for the American-Pakistani offensive, and a sign President Obama’s Afghanistan strategy may work. Perhaps Baradar could have been captured years ago if Americahad been focused on the people who were really responsible for 9/11.

Furthermore, credit goes to the New York Times for keeping the intelligence operation secret. The paper the right loves to bash said:

“The New York Times learned of the operation on Thursday, but delayed reporting it at the request of White House officials, who contended that making it public would end a hugely successful intelligence-gathering effort. The officials said that the group’s leaders had been unaware of Mullah Baradar’s capture and that if it became public they might cover their tracks and become more careful about communicating with each other.”

“The Times is publishing the news now because White House officials acknowledged that the capture of Mullah Baradar was becoming widely known in the region.”

I can’t wait to see how the crew at Fox News will spin all of this.

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