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Has A Utah Republican Come Up With A New National Education Program For The GOP?


Utah State Senator proposes cutting 12th grade.

Senior year is goof off time for many students, so why not cut high school short and save a few bucks in these tough economic times, asks Sen. Chris Buttars, R-West Jordan.

Buttars stated:

“Sometimes the 12th grade means “nothing but playing around.”

He made a dramatic pitch during Monday’s Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee meeting, saying killing off 12th grade would save the state $102 million.

I know Republican’s aren’t strong supporters of a National Education Program but this is sad and what does this say about the Senator? Did he goof off his final year in High School and did his voters elect a slacker?

If the Senator thinks by eliminating the 12th grade, because he perceives it as a goof off year, saves money, then doesn’t his proposal make the 11th grade the end year and thereby making it a “playing around” year?

By following this Republican’s logic, you now have to get rid of the 11th grade, 10th grade and so on because each in turn become the slacker year and you’re left with kindergarden classes and really that’s where “playing around” is ok.

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