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Glenn “Tweedledum” Beck Loses Ads In The UK


If you’re not aware, Glenn Beck’s show airs in the United Kingdom.

There is a co-ordinated effort between Stop Beck and StopBeck – UK Effort. They have been targeting his sponsors in the United States as well as in the U.K.

During the last week and a half, Glenn Beck lost his 100th, 101st and 102nd sponsors.  A full list of all 102 sponsors that dropped Mr. Beck (or Fox News as a whole) can be found here.  Please note that this total includes sponsors that have dropped him both United States and/or in the United Kingdom.

It seems like their efforts are having an effect!

Glenn Beck’s show in the United Kingdom has not run any commercials during the past three days (Tues-Thurs). Glenn Beck’s show in the UK used to run commercials.  The shows that come on before and after Glenn Beck still run commercials.  But, for the past three days, Mr. Beck hasn’t had any sponsors in the U.K.  During the commercial break, instead of running ads, they cut away to Sky News updates or the weather.  Perhaps they’re having trouble finding sponsors willing to subsidize Glenn Beck’s misinformation, vitriol, sexism and race-baiting?

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  1. elecpencil permalink
    02/14/2010 5:58 pm

    The UK sent us Monty Python and the Beatles. We stole shows like the Office from them. We gave them Glenn Beck guess who got the short end of that deal. Being Irish I always knew the Brits weren’t very smart.

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