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Palin And Beck Have The “Founding Faith” All Wrong



Since when did Glenn Beck become an expert on the “Founding Fathers” and their religious intent for America?

A day doesn’t go by when this “hate monger” of the air waves doesn’t spew forth some sort of misinformation on one issue or the other.

This morning on his radio show, “Tweedledum” Beck was going on about Sarah Palin and her interview of how she sees America straying from the “faith” of the “Founding Fathers.” Of course this is one of Beck’s talking points which he has duped his listeners into believing he has expertise.

Dare To Dream has posted before about Beck’s Mormonism not being one of the “Founding Faith’s” and how it is not closely aligned to Christianity, or the even writers of our constitution but there’s Beck giving out pearls of non fact as tho he knew Madison, Monroe and Jefferson personally.

Several years ago DTD posted about a book I had read and wanted to share with our readers. It’s time to re-post.


The one thing about having a “Blog” is the fact you can write about anything that comes to mind. It’s like writing a newspaper editorial but without deadlines plus the added constraints of what will the newspaper advertisers have to say about the topic. “Blogs” are “open air journals” for all to read and decipher.

I was really interested in how many on Fox News approached last weeks National Prayer Day and what President Obama did or didn’t do. Unlike his predecessor, he did not invite evangelicals to the White House for a “really big show” and he played it low-key, and if I might add, as he should have.

Both Jefferson and Madison rejected any sort of “National Prayer” and the fact being it wasn’t until Harry Truman, a Democrat, that the national Prayer Day was established.

Last Summer I read an interesting book, Stephen Waldman’s Founding Faith. It delves into the minds of the writers of the Constitution, especially Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, Washington along with Madison, and their thoughts on “separation of church and state.”

To best sum up what Founding Faith reveals is to quote the jacket cover fly page:

“This fast-paced narrative begins with earlier settlers’ stunningly unsuccessful efforts to create a Christian paradise, and concludes with the presidencies of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison, during which the men who had devised lofty principles on the proper relationship between church and state struggled to practice what they’d preached. We see how religion helped cause, and fuel, the Revolutionary War, and how the surprising alliance between Enlightenment philosophers such as Jefferson and Madison and evangelical Christians resulted in separation of church and state.”

I must admit to a lot of naïvety in the fact that early “America” was so religiously intolerant towards each other and how brutal the punishment was for those who differed from “norm” in each of the colonies run by their individual sects, Pennsylvania Quakers (the most tolerant of “states”), Maryland Catholic, Virginia Anglican, Massachusetts Puritan and so on.

It seems we have reversed the rolls over the last 200 plus years. Early “churchmen” wanted the separation of church and state. They didn’t want politics to influence the church and now we seem to have “churchmen” wanting to have the church influence politics.

Waldman’s book is a good read.

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  1. 01/15/2010 2:26 pm

    Religious intolerance was the reason for this nation beingwas thee US being founded as a secular state. It was hoped that the government would be religiously neutral. Thus we have the Article VI and the First Amendment.

    Humourous that Beck is intolerant since the Mormons face religious intolerance on a fairly regular basis.

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