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Compassionate Conservative? Compassionate Christian?


I was wondering how long it would take for someone to lay the terrible carnage in Haiti’s earthquake on president Obama and it didn’t take long.

Yesterday, Rush “Limburger” stunk up the air waves with a quick assessment that the President’s concern and quick action was mainly motivated by his wish to win over “dark skin and light skin” African-Americans.

Also, seemingly to forget his “pastoral” calling, Televangelist Pat Robertson joined in with a comment that “Haiti had made a deal with the devil”, in the 1800’s to rid them of the French, and now they were reaping the product of that “pact.”

As DTD readers know, I keep asking why the “far right” tends to be strongly evangelical but lacks the “compassion” which Jesus instructed all who would follow him to possess?

If the Pastor Robertson, and Limbaugh, don’t even bring their faith into the situation, where is their humanity?

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  1. 01/14/2010 3:56 pm

    I f you can find a copy of Diarmid MacCullough’s “History of Christianity” that was on the BBC, it’s worth watching.

    This new gospel has nothing to do with Christ’s message or compassion, but is some bizarre form of retribution. It is a judging and evil doctrine rather than a loving one. I am not sure how this metamorphosis happened, but it has.

    It is the type of gospel that thrives on the end times and the more judgmental aspects of the Bible. It is the gospel that seeks to make the US a Christian nation against the intent of the founders. It is the gospel that preaches life, yet loves firearms and capital punishment. It loaths abortion while refusing social welfare for the people it brings into the world.

  2. elecpencil permalink
    01/14/2010 7:09 pm

    Rev. Pat knows all about dealing with the Devil:,-Freedom-Gold-and-Blood-Diamonds

    The best definition I have seen of a compassionate conservative is that it’s the same as a smiling cannibal.

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