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Does My Birthday Mean Blizzard?


I’m wondering if I should accept some of the blame for this weeks weather?

The reason I pause to think about such a statement is simple: January 8th 1986 was the blizzard that buried Northeast Ohio on the night of my birthday party and January 8th 1996 found the Northeast buried in a blizzard while Bob and myself were celebrating in New York City.

So here comes my birthday again and with it non stop snow.

Hmmm. Think it would be snowing this much in March or April if my parents had married in June or July instead of early April 1946?

Hate to think what’s going to happen on my 70th Birthday. Maybe I’ll take the advice of the Time Square Hotel clerk that advised us to take my birthday celebration to Jamaica.

Don’t think that would work either, temp today in Montego Bay will be 73 degrees and cloudy. I’ll stay home with the snow.

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  1. 01/08/2010 12:30 pm

    Well, England is buried under the worst snows in a while. Maybe nature is trying to make you feel like you’re back in blighty.

    My your love keep you warm.

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