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I’m Nuts About Christmas: Confession Of An Old Man


Yes, in a few weeks I’ll be 64 and at Christmas I’m still the kid on the phone trying to call Santa to add something to my list. Let me admit, I’m nuts about Christmas.

I won’t apologize for the way I act or the way the holiday makes me feel, for I truly believe, like Charlie Brown, “Christmas makes the rest of the year worthwhile.”

Oh sure, Bob starts preparing for my holiday “quirk” around Labor Day, but after 20 years he knows that he’ll start hearing Christmas music shortly after Halloween, decorations will appear around about Thanksgiving and then I’ll be in full Polar Express steam by the end of the first week of December.

I’m even positive that my friends have all compared notes.

“Don’t mention Dickens” plus “Never ask, did you see the Christmas Carol, It’s A Wonderful Life or he’s off like a sled pulled by reindeer.” They approach my romance with the “Season” as tho I had one to many rum laced egg nog and for their indulgence I am grateful and thankful.

Sometimes when writing my posts, I wonder if “anyone is out there” and if the words on the page make any sort of mark, or impression, on those who might stop by and read.

In most cases the post sits there without comment until unexpectedly a note appears for moderation or a friend emails me on their opinion.

Such is the case with the following post from almost two-year ago.

A friend emailed me that they were “very moved” by my post on “stuff” and they remembered that it was also printed as a letter to the editor in the Warren Tribune Chronicle. She asked that I repost it because she felt that it was more poignant now then ever.

So with some minor editing here is a re-post of “Maybe This Year“.

Will this be the year that brings Christmas into a true perspective?

With high gas prices for most of this year; many families displaced due to foreclosures on their homes; empty spaces around the dinner table because of a nation at war; unemployment skyrocketing and finally the decline of the middle class into a state of poverty, will this bring about the sense of reality and spirituality that is Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Will this be the year that we realize it’s not about “stuff”? The over sized backyard grill or the large wide-screen HDTV is not important when so much loneliness, hunger and poverty exists.

Will this be the year we get over the tinsel, commercials and hype of bigger, better and more is important to feel good about ourselves?

Is this the year we realize that it’s not the many rows of twinkle lights or spot lights on the outside decorations, making even airport runways look dim, that make the Season bright?

Will this be the year, like Dickens’s ghost Marley, we see beyond the “stuff” and say “(humankind) should have been my business”?

If we do, then this would truly be a Merry Christmas.

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