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FAG: Fully Armed Gay


9_mm_gun_01Bob and I have been debating whether we go against our basic dislike for guns and apply for a permit to have and to carry a weapon.

Our discussion has been born out of the fact that we, as a 20 year gay relationship, have no rights and no protection under the law but we do have the right “to bear arms.”

As I researched the material for this post, I found a June 9th 2009 article, in The Washington Independent, which started out with this statement:

One month after successfully tucking an amendment into the credit card reform bill that expanded gun rights, a small number of Senate Republicans are looking at the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act as another chance to score a victory for the Second Amendment. The possible plan — to add an amendment that would allow gun owners to carry their weapons from one state to another in accordance with concealed carry laws. The possible rationale — to defend gay rights.

“It makes sense for a group of people who would be protected by hate crime legislation to support something that would let them defend themselves before or after the crime,” said one Republican Senate aid familiar with the discussions. “It’s relevant, and we want to work together with gay groups to get the message out.”

You can believe that I was amazed when reading that this was being proposed and supported by Republicans.

When I had mentioned to several friends that I was going to write about this subject, I jokingly said that “hell has no fury as an armed gay”, but to my surprise this has been an issue that has been discussed and has a logical base.

When I asked Bob why he felt we should have a permit and weapon he pointed to the fact that his life has been threatened by neighbors, our windows have been shot at, he was almost run over by a neighbor while walking our dog and the many phone threats and mail threats that I have received over the years as a gay candidate and activist.

So without being recognized and protected by law as a family unit, we could defend ourselves (and what we see as family) from those who would do us bodily harm and injury or damage our property.

Dale Carpenter states in his article Gun Rights Are Gay Rights for the Bay Area Reporter, February 14, 2008:

Owning a gun could be one important part of a comprehensive plan for protecting life and property.

Gun ownership might at the very least give peace of mind. And widespread knowledge that many gays are “packing” might give would be attackers second thoughts. Gun rights could be a gay rights issue.

A gay gun rights organization, Pink Pistols, believes that armed gays don’t get bashed. “Self defense with a firearm is a valid and viable method of self defense and protection,” said Gwen Patton, a spokesperson for the group.

If this does go the amendment route, supporters of concealed carry are confident that it would be passed as a part of the “hate crimes bill,” what would happen when the Family Research Council realized that their people were voting for a “gay bill?” A lot of people would be put in an awkward position and it would be fun to watch.

I also don’t think the NRA is ready for rainbow colored Glock gun decals to be placed in the rear window of gay owned cars.

One final point. The next time someone yells “fag,” they might mean Fully Armed Gay.

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  1. Tom permalink
    09/16/2009 4:30 pm

    I own 3 businesses in Akron, Ohio. I have carry a gun to protect myself, my employees and my investment. I am taking classes to be able to carry a concealed weapon. You have to do what you have to do. I don’t want to use it, but, I grew up in the country hunting with my father so do not push me.

  2. elecpencil permalink
    09/17/2009 11:55 pm

    Maybe the NRA has a big tent. There might be a Log Cabin NRA group. They’d probably be about as welcome as the Log Cabin Republicans are in the GOP. How about a bumper sticker: GOD, Guns, Guts and Gays!

  3. 10/05/2011 2:53 pm

    I’m a bi guy and a registered republican. As a unit armorer in the US Army, a civilian gunsmith and firearms dealer, I’m a natural advocate for LGBT gun ownership. There’s no reason for anyone in our community to not be armed if they so choose. It’s not a guarantee of safety but it can offer you a way to make it home alive. A small number of us being vocal about gun rights and concealed weapons can provide us all with an increased measure of protection. Imagine if the image of limp-wristed fairies was replaced with lock-wristed defenders…
    Guns aren’t evil, hate is.

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