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Dare To Dream Contributor To Launch GLBT Radio Station


microphone_saul_albert_01Michael Barefield, who often contributes articles to Dare To Dream, has been tasked by GLBTLive with starting and operating an internet radio station which will broadcast nationally. GLBTLive is a recently founded activist group located in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Hampton Roads is Virginia’s largest metropolitan area, consisting of the cities of Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News and Chesapeake.

Mike told Dare To Dream, “The station will offer music as diverse as the GLBT community -everything from Bach to Rock, from Blues to Bluegrass and, of course, Top 40 and hot dance tunes. We will also, eventually host some talk shows relevant to the GLBT community and disseminate relevant information as we become aware of it.”

Michael is envisioning the station’s format as being very much like a commercial FM radio station. He says that he is working hard on the production elements necessary to create a professional station.

GLBTLive’s website and GLBTRadio are set to go live at midnight on September 26. They are on the web at

For those of you who enjoy Mike’s writing, he has indicated that he will continue to contribute to Dare To Dream as much as possible.

Dare To Dream wishes GLBTLive and Michael our very best in this new and very important endeavor.

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