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Congressman LaTourette: No To A Superhighway And North American Union But Yes To A Lake Erie Ferry To Canada


shipswheel_john_olsen_01It was announced on Thursday that a Regional Economic development grant was approved by the Ontario Canada government for the estimate $300,000 Lake Erie Ferry Border Crossing study.

14th Ohio District Congressman Steve LaTourette stated that “This is great news and it’s very important step in the process.”

The Congressman is hopeful that after the study is completed, Grand River, Mentor and Fairport Harbor will be able to come to an agreement with the Ontario government so that the ferry project could move forward.

The ferry project could reach a $550 million investment that would allow six modern high-speed ferry boats to transport semi-trailers, cars and passengers.

With the Congressman vehemently opposing the “Stimulus Package”, that will create 7,600 jobs for the 14th Ohio District, we at DTD are dismayed by his support of this project and as one of our readers stated, when she made us aware of his support, “…there are much more important needs for our area than a $30 million ferry project, that at best would be utilized most likely, knowing that Lake Erie partially freezes 7 to 9 months of the year, how this project even a viable consideration is beyond me. Do we really need to get back in forth to Canada that bad?”

It would also appear that Congressman LaTourette has done a “flip flop” on his previous stand against NAFTA, for he cosponsored a House Resolution blocking a Superhighway and North American Union.

HCR40 was introduced on January 22, 2007, urging disengaging from the NAFTA Superhighway System and the North American Union because these proposals threatened U.S. sovereignty.

“Whereas future unrestricted foreign trucking can act as a conduit for illegal drugs, illegal human smuggling, and terrorist activities; and

Whereas a NAFTA Superhighway System would likely be controlled by foreign management, which threatens the sovereignty of the US:”

Okey now let’s sort this out.

A Superhighway can be used as a conduit for illegal drugs etc, but 6 high speed Lake Erie ferries carrying trucks, cars and passengers, can’t?

A Superhighway threatens the sovereignty of the US but 6 high speed Lake Erie ferries, sponsored by the Ontario Provisional Government of Canada, doesn’t?

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