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“Christians” Rejoice In Senator Ted’s Death


shape-writing_fabien_udr_01Yesterday morning I received an e-mail from my friend Katie stating that she woke early with her radio on WTAM, Cleveland, and the callers were vicious in their attacks and joy over Senator Ted Kennedy’s death. It disturbed her so much she emailed her feelings to the station.

I then checked out the Warren-Tribune on line and there were the same vicious sentiments being expressed. Many invoking some sort of religious, bible orientated comment with faith-based overtones.

I have a strong spiritual connection to the church, my personal walk and beliefs and I have always found there tends to be more people with “Christian love” outside the church than in it. Obviously “churchy” people are not necessarily religious people.

This morning I was surfing the other Ohio blogs and I came across this posting at blogger interrupted and wish to re-post it for DTD readers. We thank Tim for his permission to use on DTD.


Whenever you go to a wake, or a funeral, there’s always one or two dark souls in attendance who remember first, and only, the worst about the recently deceased. Usually, these soulless are left standing alone, people pass them briefly, engage them reluctantly, if at all, while the rest try to stay positive, if not for themselves, then for those who grieve. This past year, we got to watch these soulless prove the depth of their emptiness repeatedly, loudly, without mercy.

Vengeance is not theirs, but claim it they do, unto themselves alone. Often, in fact usually, as they crow they wave The Book whose central command they simply refuse to obey, waving it ever more demonstratively to justify not obeying it. Love, it says, and love they cannot. Forgive, it commands, and they will not. Do unto others, which they do not.

No, they say. Not this time. Not for this person. Or that one. Or those over there. Their list of unforgivables is as endless as the book of life, because all of us make mistakes, and not a single mistake do they ever miss documenting, even the ones someone may have committed before they themselves were born.

And they slavishly repeat the denial of their Sacred Book’s every command for every single person whose passing they await with anger. It is always in death we learn how soulless they are, for they know the most likely time their anger will be heard is when it stands out alone amidst a sea of humanity remembering the best of a life lost. To them, no life can be led well enough to justify anyone weighing it in favor of its triumphs over its faults. Grim reapers they are indeed, of every grievance, real or imagined, they can ever find in any human’s frailty.

In their Book, Mary Magdalene was the prostitute who Jesus allowed to see him risen first, and were these people to be alive at her passing, they would have remembered her sex life, only. In the Book which they wave with self righteous piety, Peter betrayed their Messiah three times before Jesus gave him the keys to his church, and at Peter’s passing, they would have only remembered how many times the cock crowed. In their Book, a thief hanging on a cross next to their Messiah was forgiven his sins, and if they had been there, they would have spat on their own Messiah’s bleeding feet at the sight.

And in their Book, Jesus asks what you’ve done for the least of these, because whatsoever you’ve done for them, you did for him.

Perhaps they should all read their Book a little more closely, because their Book commands also to judge not, lest one day ye be judged.

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  1. elecpencil permalink
    08/30/2009 4:30 pm

    I don’t celebrate Ted death but I find it odd conservatives would bash Ted Kennedy. Truth is Ted voted for NAFTA and GATT trade agreements that conservatives lusted after. He did this despite pleas from organized labor. He signed on to crap legislation like, “Leave No Child Behind.” You now see conservatives like Orrin Hatch admit that Ted compromised with conservatives often. I have no need for Democrats who want to compromise with the evil anti-working class agenda of the GOP. Liberal Lion my butt.

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