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U.S. Ranks 35th In Longevity, Behind Those The Far-Right Calls Socialize Medicine Countries


flag-cWith the far-right screaming all sorts of misleading and made up information concerning Health Care Reform, you also hear them say that Health Care Reform is just another word for socialized medicine and then they proceed to say how bad the Canadian; French; British and Swedish systems are compared to the “wonderful care” we receive here in this Country.

The Republican “thuggery” goes so far as spreading lies about “Death Panels” for seniors and “Death Books” for veterans.

Maybe the Republican leadership should take a look at the rankings of the Countries they criticize and their life expectancy compared to the US.

Canada is ranked 6th in the UN member states in longevity.

France is ranked 7th with Sweden ranked 8th and the United Kingdom coming in at 25th.

So where does the present American Health Care rank in longevity of it’s people, just after Portugal and ahead of Albania, number 35.

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  1. Erynn permalink
    08/26/2009 10:16 am

    I listened to NPR yesterday and France’s health care system sounded quite nice (pretty sure they are non-profit, which makes a lot of sense). 🙂 As someone who has no health insurance and is currently watching my “niece” struggle with stage 4 ovarian cancer (she is my age, has no insurance and put off going to the doctor for over a year even though she had questionable pains, and VIOLA, it had moved into her lungs by the time she finally sought expensive medical attention) and the chemo and medical bills are now sending their family into debt. Her father lost his job last year too, so they are in a bad way right now. Yay for Americas Health Care system? Anything would be a welcome change! Oh and Death Panels, another wonderful tid bit of misinformation, thank you Sarah Palin, we just can’t get enough of you. And didn’t they pretty much invent the term “socialized medicine” in the 30’s? Tristan, this issue riles up my feathers. Thanks for the post.

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